The Ultimate Guide To Small House Design

A small house is defined as a residence with a floor area of 100 to 200 square meters. This floor area typically contains a standard or double garage but excludes outdoor areas such as gardens, decks, porches, and so on. Small house plans have several advantages, including, but not limited to:

Reduced construction costs
Mortgage debt is reduced.
Best suited for most building lots
Reduced maintenance and cleaning expenses

When house owners want to build a smaller home, they can spend more money to get higher quality outcome because the floor area and square footage needed are reduced, resulting in a lower overall cost.

Small House Design Factors

The internal strategic plan of a small house causes more oversight because of the reduced floor area. Homeowners must make the most of every precious square metre of space, so when designing a small house, the following factors should be considered:

Make certain that each room or space has an effective and functional design that is no larger than what is necessary.
Take into account the furniture configurations for each room or space to ensure that all of the necessary furniture can be accommodated.
Consider built-in furniture – most times, built-in shelves, storage cabinets, seats, and desk tops can eliminate the need for extra free-standing home furnishings.
Assess your storage needs to ensure that you have enough space–A small house will feel cramped if there isn’t enough storage space for all the usual household objects.
Possibility of making spaces versatile or dual use, such as a third bedroom that can also serve as a second living space or a study.

A small house does not necessarily imply that it will be congested and claustrophobic. On the converse, a small house can feel almost as open and comfortable as a larger home. A good architect and interior designer can help you come up with layouts that will use the space effectively.

Thinking of buying a small house in the beautiful neighborhood of Durango, Colorado? At River Valley, there are various well planned small house layout designs available for you to choose from.

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