Single Family Homes for Sale in Durango Colorado

While multi-family units like condos and townhomes are customizable, nothing says “our home” quite like a single-family home. Unlike the other options, these homes consist of one property unit with only one family owning the land. This gives homeowners the unique opportunity to create their own home on their very own piece of land.

Why Would I Want a Single Family Home? 

If you’re constantly struggling to find space to store holiday decorations, beach toys, bikes, or extra clothing, then a single-family home may be right for you. In many cases, a single-family home provides garage space, attic space, basement space, and more square footage than an attached-unit home. Single-family homes can also offer outdoor space to store outdoor play items for your children or pets and gardening tools and recreation items.

Affordable & Low-Maintenance 

Though sometimes found in single-family homes, homeowners association (HOA) fees or maintenance fees are more common among attached-unit dwellings. Though they can be costly, when the pool needs cleaning, or the grass needs cutting, you may be thrilled that someone else takes care of it. Depending on your property’s policies, those fees can pay everything from basic landscaping to roof repair to property taxes.

If you want to buy your place but are worried about the expense, an attached-unit home could cost tens of thousands of dollars less than an equivalently sized single-family unit. In many cases, an updated townhouse with a clubhouse and communal pool is still cheaper than a 30-year-old single-family home that needs work.

Durango; A Picturesque Location 

Durango is indeed a magnificently pleasant location to live in. Thousands of people travel to Durango every year from all over the country as hiking and cycling are two of the many recreational activities available to visitors and locals in Durango. Education, healthcare, and technical services are among the major businesses in the city, and it creates an environment that is knowledgable, modern, and safe.

At River Valley, our competent team can help you pick your dream single-family home in Durango. The houses we built are contemporary, custom-made, and affordable. The beauty of the location complements the comfort of your home here at River Valley.

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