River Valley Estates is an exclusive 500-acre master-planned community, nestled just 15 minutes from downtown Durango.
Wending its way through the middle of River Valley is the scenic Florida River.
In 1776 Franciscan priests set out to find an overland route from Santa Fe, New Mexico to their Mission in Monterey, California. Although their original expedition was unsuccessful, in August of 1776 while traveling between (present day) Ignacio, Colorado and Durango, Padre Atanasio Dominguez crossed and named the Florida River, which means “little flower” in Spanish.

Pristine Setting
The second you set foot on River Valley you know you’ve come to an extraordinary place. It has pristine wilderness, unspoiled views and a significant acreage that is positioned only 15 minutes from Historic Downtown Durango.

It is an exceptional setting where the light and the land play off one another and the only sounds are of bugling elk, the rippling river and the hawk’s cry. It is tastefully luxurious, yet at the same time, rustic and reserved. Stewardship of the land was and is the main guiding principle for River Valley and the preservation and enhancement of the land is apparent everywhere you look.

It brings back feelings of the good old days and sets the stage for new ones. It’s life at the highest level, where magnificent Rocky Mountain views and the ruggedly beautiful back country have been preserved for all generations. River Valley is a breath of fresh air and a retreat from the hectic pace of the world. It’s the destination of the road less traveled.

River Valley Fishing
River Valley Estates is known for its pristine and private location, with gorgeous views of the La Plata and San Juan mountains all the way to Wolf Creek.
However, River Valley Estates is more than just privacy and great views. In the heart of the community, a private piece of the Florida River runs through the valley, providing the residents of River Valley Estates with out-of-this-world fishing.

A Gateway
When your exquisite property is only minutes from downtown Durango and at the doorstep of protected wilderness, you find yourself at the gateway to all the best that Colorado has to offer. This retreat is a place to revitalize and nurture. Get away from it all. Let your hair down. Reunite with friends and family. It is a gateway to adventure and to a higher
ground. It offers solitude and renewal. It is a lifestyle characterized by a desire for and the pursuit of well-being.

Colorado is just outside your door at River Valley. The preservation and conservation of what makes River Valley such a special place has created wide-open spaces that will be here forever. Because of River Valley’s accessibility and proximity to numerous amenities, it is a true gateway to an unsurpassed Colorado lifestyle. Whether it is Heli-Skiing, horseback riding, rafting, hiking or fishing on the Florida River, it’s all here.

Flexibility & Independence
River Valley is ahead of the crowd. It’s the person who takes a different path. One who notices the finer things in life and pursues them with vigour. A person who looks for things that cannot be found anywhere else and finds them. One whose hobbies are passionate and whose independence is worn on their sleeve for all to see and experience. The River Valley resident or guest enjoys simple pleasures that are shared with those closest to them. It’s a unique kind of curiosity that sets this person apart.

It’s an independent person who has made it to the top by their own definition and always remembers those who took the journey with them. It’s a state of mind. And, it’s the belief that getting there is more than half the fun. The actual history of River Valley and the surrounding area shouts independence and begs to be honoured and passed along to future generations.

River Valley will attract those who are quiet about their wealth. Those who appreciate the exceptional. What’s great about River Valley is that the guest who will come to love this sense of place, will likely have a strong affinity to the Durango area and lifestyle. In essence, River Valley is the perfect fit for Durango and Durango is the perfect fit for those choosing to be part of this way of life.

Come home to River Valley
Coming home to River Valley promises to be an inspirational experience. A collection of individually designed homes set within a truly breathtaking landscape, River Valley blends the best in modern living with the wonders of nature. River Valley will offer homeowners the rare opportunity to live in a community that meets the needs of the modern family, while retaining its own character and reflecting the inimitable beauty of its surroundings.

River Valley is an exclusive gated development offering the finest real estate investment in Colorado. Homeowners at River Valley will live the ultimate outdoor lifestyle with access to over 200 acres of stunning trails; whilst still being close to shopping, schools and the everyday conveniences of Historic Downtown Durango.

Today, this peaceful valley offers up its gifts of diverse wildlife and terrain to give you the ultimate experience of a timeless location combined with luxurious contemporary design. The River Valley Residences offer modern design and forms as a departure from what has become standard fare for the area. With each lot offering a different experience and view of the surrounding beauty, the designs provide an opportunity to integrate lifestyle with each site offering a distinctly individual approach to enjoying the character of River Valley Estates.

As an added bonus, River Valley has it’s own water supply system, hence why residents pay the lowest HOA and water fees in the area. High-speed 4G LTE Internet mobile access is available throughout the subdivision, a true rarity in rural La Plata County.

No matter which tract you choose, River Valley has the perfect spot waiting for you with its abundant wildlife, beautiful river, open space, and trails for hiking.
All just minutes away from Durango and the Regional Durango/La Plata Airport.

The River Valley development is located perfectly between Durango Airport and Historic Downtown Durango, with easy access to all the outdoor activities South West Colorado has to offer. The development features the lowest snowfall in the entire county, and sits below 7000 feet. This means residents do not experience any altitude-related health issues.

Scandinavian, Minimalistic, Functional and Gorgeous Design
Scandinavian, Minimalistic, Functional and Gorgeous Design
Scandinavian, Minimalistic, Functional and Gorgeous Design
Scandinavian, Minimalistic, Functional and Gorgeous Design
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